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L O V E  lettering...

I've been hand lettering and paper crafting for as long as I can remember. I started as a young girl making cards and adding lettering and doodles to give it a personalised touch. I've always been passionate about beautiful handwriting and would play replicating writings and typos from magazines.

After a long detour in the corporate world, working in Training & Development designing and delivering training material, I deciding to go back to my passion for calligraphy & lettering and share it with others by offering bespoke lettering artwork and workshops.


Although my favourite support is paper, I enjoy working on various other surfaces such as, chalkboard, glass, fabric, metal and I also enjoy digital lettering. I love using different lettering styles (modern calligraphy and creative lettering) using various tools - from a dip pen to brush pen, chalk, chalk markers as well as using a brushless engraver to add some lovely calligraphy messages on glass and ceramic.

Next to hand lettering, I'm passionate about nature, complementary therapies and yoga and I do my best to be mindful and make conscious choices in my daily life. I have chosen to apply these principles in my lettering activities too: my cards and prints are printed on recycled and recyclable paper sourced from within the UK and as locally as possible, reducing my carbon footprint, I don't use any plastic in my packaging and keep packaging to a minimum. 


Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss any project, enquire about a service or product or just to say hello.

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