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Revamped website with brand colours!

The New Year usually comes with new resolution(s)... Well, I hadn't decided on any... until NOW! Yes, I know, it's mid-February already. But as we say, better now than never 😉.

A few days ago I was looking at the look and feel of my website and found that it lacked of something but couldn't figure what. And then it hit me: there was not enough colours, it was basically a mix of beige, brown and blue-grey. Don't get me wrong, I really liked it when I built my website, especially as I'm all for a natural look to resonate with my eco-friendly approach. Yet I thought it was time to add a bit more colours and started doing some research on colour branding, then mixed a few together, printed some samples to see if they matched and how they look like on paper as well.

Here is my new colour palette:

New content in the making...

I'm currently busy creating new material to put on the website: freebies (including guidelines, templates, tutorials), workbooks and workshops. It will be available at the end of the month - right on time for the March newsletter.

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