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Our Custom Text Handmade Hand lettered mini banner featuring the text/quote of your choice written in our modern calligraphy style would be perfect to decorate any room while lifting the mood with its positive message. It would also make a lovely gift to a friend or a dear one.


It is fully handmade in-house; I make every single banner from scratch: I buy the cotton canvas in my local fabric shop, I measure, cut, sew, trim, sketch the quote with pencil before hand lettering it with a black fabric marker or paint pen, I let it dry, iron it, then insert a handsawed (by me) wooden dowel and lastly attached a piece of jute twine and it's ready to be hang on the wall.


Custom service:

Add your own message/quote for a more personalised touch. Simply select "custom text only" or "custom text with stars" in the Text selection dropdown and add your wording in the custom text field (the wording must fit in the banner - if you're unsure it will fit, message me befor ordering).


The banner dimension is 20x24cm (7.8 in X 9.4 in), the dowel is  22.5 cm (8.85 in) long.


Each banner are made to order and