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Create something unique with my new faux-calligraphy tote bag workshop kit!


This kit contains everything you need to start your Faux-Calligraphy journey, to practise and create your own hand-lettered tote bag. And the best part of it, is that you can apply the same technique to lots of different surfaces (windows, chalkboards, t-shirt, pencil case, ceramic, plastic...) which usually don't work with traditional calligraphy.


The kit is suitable for adults and children age 10+




  • Faux-calligraphy workbook with 3 steps to faux-calligraphy, basic strokes, lower- & uppercase alphabet exemplar with practice sheets, joining letters instructions, 4 positive quotes exemplar,  and guidelines sheets
  • carbon paper
  • Tracing paper
  • 1 natural cotton tote bag
  • 1 black Edding 4500 textile marker



  • What is faux-calligraphy
  • Which tools to use
  • The basic strokes to form letters (with practice sheets)
  • Forming letters
  • Writing the alphabet in lower case with practice sheets to trace over and then to try on your own
  • writing the alphabet in upper case with practice sheets to trace over and then try on your own
  • Joining letters to form words
  • Practice sheets with words and phrases to trace over and then try on your own
  • Blank guidelines sheet
  • Care instructions


The kit will comes nicely wrapped in tissue paper and personalised and will be sent in a kraft cardboard box via Royal Mail. Let me know in the personalised box which name you would like to have written in calligraphy on the kit and name tag (at no additional cost).

If you're local to me and you'd like to collect the kit from me, please select "Customer collection" from the delivery/pick up drop down at checkout.


This kit is for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial/professional purpose nor be used to teach others, redistributed, neither recreated nor resold.

Faux-calligraphy Tote Bag Kit

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