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Learn the art of beautiful writing with the Introduction to Modern Calligraphy kit.


This kit contains everything you need to learn the basics of Modern Calligraphy and start creating beautifully handwritten messages.



  • The kit will comes nicely wrapped and personalised. Let us know in the personalised box which name you would like to have written in calligraphy on the kit and name tag.
  • Along with the workbook, you’ll get access to a 1 hour long video taking you through every pages of the workbook. 


The kit contains:

  • A 24 pages workbook printed on 120 gsm smooth recycled paper
  • 1 Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen (small nib)
  • Access to a video going through every chapters of the workbook
  • Two A6 blank cards  for you to show off your skills + envelopes
  • Two blank Kraft gift tags for you to personalise



  • What is modern calligraphy
  • Which tools to use
  • How to hold your pen
  • The basic strokes to form letters (with practice sheets)
  • Using guidelines
  • Forming letters
  • Writing the alphabet in lower case with practice sheets to trace over and then to try on your own
  • writing the alphabet in upper case with practice sheets to trace over and then try on your own
  • Joining letters to form words
  • Practice sheets with words and phrases to trace over and then try on your own
  • Blank guidelines sheet



The video is just over 1 hour long and takes you through every pages of the workbook. Although it will take you approximately 2 hours to complete the workbook.  The video is a great visual help to show you how to hold the pen and how to write each strokes and letters. It is divided into chapters; you can pause and stop at any time to work at your own pace and review parts as you like. You can also go back to previous sections or jump to specific chapters of the video.



The pages of the workbook are a standard A4 size (210x297mm). The workbook is printed on 120gsm smooth recycled paper, is carefully wrapped and personalised with a name tag and is sent in a large letter postal box. We aim to be as eco-friendly as possible and we don't use any plastic in our packaging; we only use recycled and recyclable paper and cardboard.


This workbook is for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial/professional purpose nor be used to teach others, redistributed, neither recreated nor resold.


If you would rather print the workbook in your own time, you can purchase the printable version available in the printable section or through our print at home page on payhip.

Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Kit - with video

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