Hello March with more daylight and warmer temperatures...

The end of February was marked with more longer days (a.k.a. more daylight)and warmer temperatures (an average of 5-12 degrees Celsius which can be considered a warm winter in Scotland😉). Despite being still in lockdown here, I feel very privileged to live in such a beautiful place and get the chance to go for a lovely walk everyday surrounded by nature. Nature is my number one go-to (lettering is obviously my number 2 😉) to get positive energy, recharge the batteries and feel connected. I hope, wherever you are, that you too, get to enjoy some of that.

Apart from going on a daily walk, I've also been working 😉. Here are a few things I managed to do:

New content on the website + YouTube videos

I have added a few freebies (click here to get the freebies) that can help you with your calligraphy practice :

  • a selection of guidelines that are useful to place your words/letters - for pointed