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Calligraphy Bookmark tutorial

Here's a quick and easy tutorial to make your own bookmark from scratch and personalise it with calligraphy.

You will need :

  • piece of coloured cardstock

  • paper trimmer/cutter or scissors

  • 1 small nib brush pen (I'm using a black Tombow Fudenosuke - hard tip)

  • tassel

  • (wooden beads - 2 sizes : I'm using 8mm and 14mm)

  • hole punch

  • round corner punch , if you want round corner

Step by step instructions:

  1. Let's start by cutting the cardstock to the right size. Most bookmark are 15x5cm, which is +/_ 6x3inches.

  2. Add your text in modern calligraphy using your favourite small nib brush pen. I'm using a black Tombow Fudenosuke (hard tip). You can also use a Pentel Sign Touch Brush or any other brand with a small to medium sized nib.

  3. Let it dry for a few minutes.

4. If you want round corner, use a round corner punch to cut the corners.

5. Use a hole punch to cut a hole in the middle of the short edge of your bookmark.

6. Insert your (wooden) beads through the tassel starting with the larger one.

7. Add your tassel to your bookmark by looping it through the hole.

If you want to follow along while I'm making it , check out the video below for a visual step-by=step tutorial.

  • If you're new to calligraphy and don't know where to start, check out my calligraphy workbook.

  • And if you want more ideas, join my newsletter to get access to the resource-library with lots of free guidelines, templates and trace over sheets to help you progress in your calligraphy journey.


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