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2024 - New Year, same me (with shorter hair )

A quick recap

This is my first post in 2024 and the first in a long time (8 months since the last one). Quite a few things happened since then : my 10+ years partner broke up with me (which was very difficult for a few months), went twice to Belgium and spent quality time with my family, held a few corporate workshops and a public festive calligraphy workshop, created a few cute cards and 10 new calligraphy maps of regions of Scotland, which I turned into this year wall calendar. I also participated to a few markets and met some lovely people...

What's in the pipeline at crafty nib ?

I took the opportunity of January being a slow month business wise to reflect on my business and where I want it to go. This year I want to focus more on sharing my love for calligraphy through teaching. Which is not surprising as I've worked  in training and development for 20 years... so I knew at some point the urge to help others explore their creativity would kick back in. I had done a few corporate calligraphy workshops the past 2 years and want to add more "public" workshops. I've already secured a few dates until the end of May, which I'm super excited about and they are ready to book. I've taken into account your suggestions, so there will be both in-person workshops and online via zoom, to accommodate everyone.

What can you expect from this blog ?

There will be a mix of different type of content:

  • behind the scenes and what I'm currently working on,

  • tutorials/how to's,

  • tips,

  • do's and don'ts,

  • product reviews (book, pens, paper...),

  • answering your questions,

  • workshop info

  • events (my own as well as from other artists)

If there is a particular topic/ type of content you'd like me to write about, let me know in the comments below or pop me an email at or direct message me on @craftynib on Instagram / Facebook.

To finish off and to go with the title of this blog - the () part, here's a picture of me and my new haircut.

Thank you for reading!

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