Happy Easter

We've already gone through the first quarter of the year...

I can't believe how quick this year is flying by, we are already celebrating Easter this weekend. We're still in lockdown here in Scotland and restrictions are slowly easing and with the warmer and longer days, I'm grateful to be able to go on daily walks.

During the weekend of 20-21 March, I participated to my first online market, Ehartsmarket, hosted by the lovely Emily from Eharveyart. It was a great experience, doing my very first live on Instagram (decided on the very last minute- when Emily asked me to join her). It was a bit daunting and I still have to do more lives - or at least show my face more on social media and youtube. It's funny I feel a bit scare about it - especially as I've always spoke in front of people in my past office career - As a L&D officer I used to give trainings and do presentations to small and large aud